CCSAC has initiated and been involved in many social action and advocacy projects over its 50-year history. Over time, the responsibility for most of these initiatives has been assumed by municipal and provincial authorities.

1967 – CCSAC is founded; opens Headstart Nursery at St. John the Evangelist Anglican.

1960s & 1970s – CCSAC initiates and operates:
– Interfaith Friendly Visiting of Shut-ins
– English as a Second Language classes at First Baptist
– Interfaith Committee to welcome newcomers
– Breakfast Club at Elgin Street School¹
– Monday Group drop-in at Dominion-Chalmers United

1978 – CCSAC opens the Emergency Food & Clothing Centre at McLeod-Stewarton (Centretown) United Church, which continues today as the Centretown Emergency Food Centre (CEFC) and serves on average 900 people every month.

1990s – CCSAC operates the Centretown Employment Support Programme.²

2013 – CCSAC makes submissions advocating for social justice issues to the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance in Ontario (pdf) and the Minimum Wage Advisory Panel (pdf); CCSAC calls for support of a private member’s bill for a national housing strategy.

2010s – CCSAC members participate in Dignity for All’s Chew On This! campaign on Parliament Hill for a federal anti-poverty plan.

gladys-w-lunch-program-bags-small2016 – The Mrs. Lulu Aileen Philips Fund (St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church) awards a grant to the Centretown Emergency Food Centre to support a lunch program for clients with school-age children during the summer when the regular school breakfast and lunch programs are not available. Each of the 420 children served receive a bag filled with fresh fruit, healthy snacks, juice boxes, and ingredients to make sandwiches.

Today, CCSAC’s main programme remains the operation of the Centretown Emergency Food Centre. CCSAC collaborates with and supports the work of Centre 507, Citizens for Public Justice, and the Multi-faith Housing Initiative.

Refugee Sponsorship – Several of CCSAC’s member churches have ongoing refugee sponsorships. For details, please contact each church directly.

¹ In 1990, regional school breakfast programmes were consolidated by the United Way, the Community Foundation of Ottawa, and Ottawa Network for Education.
² In 2005, the City of Ottawa opened a Social Services Centre on Catherine Street, prompting the closure of the Employment Support Programme.